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We are many things: a psychologist and an attorney; a grandmother and a grandfather; inter-racial, inter-ethnic, inter-religious and intertwined through our love of travel, of the outdoors, of adventure and of not always choosing the path most traveled. We are not young but are young at heart. We are, like many of our generation, traditional yet not conforming. And we are approaching our final days in the workforce before packing up our belongings for storage, setting out in our new Frontier for our new frontier: a year or more of driving, camping and exploring the US en route to our retirement life in Panama, Central America.

Boots (hiking) and Coffee are our travel essentials. Bubbe (Yiddish for Grandma) and Abuelo (Spanish for Grandpa) are who we are to our grand kids.  Soon, we will become Overlanders (a term we didn’t even know existed until a couple of months ago), on a travel adventure in our Nissan Frontier.

We have been inspired by so many: expats in Panama and elsewhere in Central America, Overlanders traveling the Pan American Highway and elsewhere, house-sitters and wanderlusters who have energized us and galvanized within us a love for traveling by road, exploring the the sights and experiences along the way, and for embracing the journey as much as the destination. Their blogs and posts and stories continue to provide invaluable resources, insights, excitement and inspiration for our travels.

Yet we bring something different to the table due to our age, our unique combination of cultural backgrounds and our plans and goals so we hope that we will add to the richness of the tapestry of travel blogs by sharing perspective and experience from the other side of 50 (ish).

Come with us on this journey.




14 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hi guys, Gayle and Bobby here from Big Bend National Park. I love your blog, your thoughts, your joy and your insight. Keep writing and we will see you in Denali. Dinner is on us!!


    1. So nice to hear from you, Bobby! We are in Zion national Park now and loving it! Have been reading from the Alaska book that Gayle kindly gave to us and am looking forward to it and seeing you then! We forward to that dinner!


  2. Welcome to life on the road! it is highly addictive and good for body and soul. I look forward to reading your adventures. PS: Switching to a trailer was a good idea, Although my trip has been incredible and wonderful and safe for the most part, there were the few occasions when I was happy to have walls to protect me.


  3. Bob and I were pleased to meet you in Cattail Cove SP on Lake Havasu. You said you were headed down Baja California and then over to Mazatlan. We suggested you stay at a RV park called Club Baraka, owned by a Mexican Doctor we all call Raul. When we were there, last a couple of years ago, the Park was still active. However, sadly, that area north of Mazatlan in under heavy development pressure. So check to make sure it still exists! The area in which it is located is called Cerritos, which is either a suburb of Mazatlan or a separate municipality. There are (were) two other Parks in the area, one just a short distance south, owned by Raul’s brother, and another about a mile further north out of town. All are located on the beach, so a morning’s walk is a real joy.

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  4. It was great to meet you both in Mazatlan. I’m looking forward to reading more of your adventures and perhaps running into you both and again and sharing a cup of coffee 🙂


  5. Wonderful people, It´ll be another adventure joining you with a cup of coffee at my place facing the mountains in San Miguel de Allende (Enrique of the wine-bar).


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